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Natural medical grade creosote

Its effects are similar to phenol,but the toxicity and irritation is very serious. It is main ingredient of seirogan, have antimicrobial, antiseptic and deodorization effect.
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It's made of beech, pine wood, oak, soft maple or series of plant to dry distillation, to get mixture of phenol. The main component is guaiacol, creosote and other phenols.

Fujian Yongan Fengfan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Xiamen Caogenlan Industry Co., Ltd., a private stock enterprise which is specialized in research & development, manufacturing, exporting and importing of fine chemicals.
Products that developed and manufactured by the company mainly include four categories: natural spices, aroma, bio-pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. The flavor manufactory subordinated to the company has become the first manufacturer of China that specialized in researching and developing natural wood creosote, series products of wood creosote. The company is willing to establish friendly cooperative relationship with craft brothers from home and abroad and create a new future.



Natural creosote is a mixture of guaiacol, creosol phenolic compounds obtained from wood tar. It is neutral or slightly acidic in reaction.

Character:  Colorless or light yellow oil liquid; Penetrating, smoky odour and a burning taste. corrosive. It is slightly soluble in water and boiling water. It can be mixed with ethanol, diethyl ether, chloroform, fatty oils, glacial acetic acid. Easily dissolving in sodium hydroxide. 

Name:Natural  creosote

Source: phenolic mixture obtained by distillation of beech, birch, pine and cypress.
Natural phenol content (GC) : over 98%, light yellow oily liquid, specific gravity d204 not less than 1.07, distillation range (200-220°C) not less than 95%(V/V); Can also be produced according to customer requirements. It is the active ingredient of zhenglu pill.
Packed in plastic drums of 25kg, 50kg and 200kg.



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