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Panda Mini Shoot Slice

Straightly purchase from Yongan native, make sure all materials are 100% natural.Fujian Yongan—the hometown of Chinese bamboo shoot, famous for Min dried bamboo shoot.
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Product Description

Brand nameXiaobaixie Food

Product specification300g

Exp dateTwelve months

Torage methodRefrigerate or placed in ventilation, cool, dark places. 

Producing areaYongan, Fujian.(Bamboo shoot home)

Taste Fresh, wonderful bamboo shoot aroma.

UsagePut in pan and stir briefly.

Mini Shoot Slice

Product Presentation


Edible method


Spicy bamboo shoot slice



1. Open the package, remove water inside the package,put them in clear water and clean.
2. Shred the bamboo shoot,add ginger and red chili slice, add salt and sugar.

3. Add soy sauce,balsamic vinegar and sesame oil. Mix thoroughly.
4. You can add in chilli oil or pepper to suit your taste.

Raw materials come from 1600 metres high-altitude. The climate here is so pleasant. The land is fertile.

Our bamboo shoots are away from contaminated because of high-altitude.
Each bamboo shoot is plump and pure. 


Origin traceability


All bamboo shoots are from this beautiful city.

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