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Yongan Lianhuashan Natural spices won the title of excellent enterprise of Shangping Township, and actively participated in the work of "four leading and one promotion", to promote the special action of "love to fight and dare to win"


Recently, Yongan Shangping Township held a grand "four lead one promote" work to promote "love to fight dare to win" special action mobilization deployment conference. As one of the outstanding enterprises in Shangping Township, Yongan Lianhuashan Natural Fragrance was invited to attend the conference and won the title of "Excellent Enterprise" issued by Shangping Township. This honor is not only the affirmation of the efforts of Lianhuashan enterprises in the past, but also the encouragement and spur for its future development.

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Yonglian natural spices to welcome the Spring Festival, all the tail teeth to celebrate the reunion


As the festive bell of the Spring Festival is approaching, Yongan Lianhua Mountain Natural Fragrance Co., Ltd. also ushered in the annual grand celebration —— tail tooth banquet. This year, the special banquet was held in the factory canteen, where all the staff gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival and show their talent and team spirit.

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The leaders of the Municipal Emergency Bureau visited Yonglian Spice to carry out comprehensive safety inspections and educational training


Recently, a group of leading experts including Liu Weiyan, the leader of the Municipal Emergency Bureau, Cai Boxian, the director of the Municipal Emergency Command Center, Lin Li, the director of the Municipal Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Quality and Technology Station, and Xu Damei, a member of the Municipal Fire Rescue Brigade, conducted a comprehensive safety inspection and education guidance at Yonglian Flavor Co., Ltd.

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Japanese customers visit, yonglian quality management received 98% of the high evaluation!


Recently, the Japanese customer evaluation experts came to our company for the product quality evaluation. Our company attached great importance to the evaluation and warmly received it. Chen Ruishi, the general manager of the company, accompanied the guests to the production line and inspected the production process of the products.

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Warm celebration! Yonglian Spice has once again passed multiple system certifications


Recently, Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd. has successfully passed multiple quality system certification audits (IS09001, BRC, Jewish certification), which is a recognition of Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd.'s long-term commitment to quality management and product service improvement.

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9.12 Thai customers visited Lotus Mountain Natural Flavors


In autumn and September, the fragrance of dangui is wafting. We are honored to welcome Thai wood distillate customers to our research and guidance work, at the meeting the company's general manager Chen Ruishi introduced the company's brief situation to the guests - Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yonglian Spice) is located in Yong'an City, which is known as the hometown of bamboo shoots in China, the company has an advanced annual output of 300 tons of wood distillate series product production line, and through BRC, KOSHER and other certifications, while having a number of utility models and invention patents, has obtained provincial high-tech enterprises, Honorary titles such as large taxpayer.

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Yonglian Spices carried out high temperature fire safety training


In view of the recent frequent fires due to high temperature environment, in order to further strengthen the fire protection and production safety work in the factory, effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and production safety accidents, enhance the awareness of accident prevention in the post, and create a safe environment, on July 19, Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd., together with Shangping Township Government and Yandong Shangping Branch of Yong'an General Institute, carried out safety knowledge training on fire fighting, electrical welding and emergency first aid treatment, and employees in all positions in the factory participated in the training activity.

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Yonglian Fragrance Conducts 2023 "Safety You Me" Security Special Training Session


In order to further implement the safety work deployment of Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd., do a good job in factory security and ensure production safety, Chen Ruishi, the general manager of the company, and Xu Dong, the safety officer, held a special meeting on security and safety management in the factory conference room on July 12.

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