Although Grass Seemingly Small,An Anchored In Ground,It Can Create A Blue Sky

9.12 Thai customers visited Lotus Mountain Natural Flavors


In autumn and September, the fragrance of dangui is wafting. We are honored to welcome Thai wood distillate customers to our research and guidance work, at the meeting the company's general manager Chen Ruishi introduced the company's brief situation to the guests - Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavors Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yonglian Spice) is located in Yong'an City, which is known as the hometown of bamboo shoots in China, the company has an advanced annual output of 300 tons of wood distillate series product production line, and through BRC, KOSHER and other certifications, while having a number of utility models and invention patents, has obtained provincial high-tech enterprises, Honorary titles such as large taxpayer.

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Yonglian Spices carried out high temperature fire safety training


In view of the recent frequent fires due to high temperature environment, in order to further strengthen the fire protection and production safety work in the factory, effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and production safety accidents, enhance the awareness of accident prevention in the post, and create a safe environment, on July 19, Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd., together with Shangping Township Government and Yandong Shangping Branch of Yong'an General Institute, carried out safety knowledge training on fire fighting, electrical welding and emergency first aid treatment, and employees in all positions in the factory participated in the training activity.

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Yonglian Fragrance Conducts 2023 "Safety You Me" Security Special Training Session


In order to further implement the safety work deployment of Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd., do a good job in factory security and ensure production safety, Chen Ruishi, the general manager of the company, and Xu Dong, the safety officer, held a special meeting on security and safety management in the factory conference room on July 12.

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5.23 Japanese Customers Visiting Lotus Mountain Natural Spices


On May 23rd, a Japanese client named Udi and his team visited our company to visit the production workshop of medicinal wood distillate oil.

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The production of natural spices in Lianhuashan is accelerating again!


With the continuous development of technology, production equipment is also becoming more and more advanced. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, Yong'an Lianhuashan Fragrance has regularly updated and upgraded its production equipment in response to the challenge of external competitive pressure. This update and upgrade of the equipment mainly considers the following aspects:

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The municipal fire brigade carried out fire safety inspection and guidance for Yonglian spice


On March 1, 2023, several leaders of Yong'an Fire Brigade visited Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. Our general manager Chen Ruizhui gave a detailed introduction to the company's situation and business segments.

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Xiamen Grassroot Blue Industry 2023 Foreign Trade "Express" Handle


On February 19, Grassroot Blue Industry interpreted the current situation and opportunities of foreign trade development in 2023 with one move; On the morning of February 19, the "New Opportunities, Integrated Foreign Trade Situation Analysis and Research and Judgment Symposium 2023 Foreign Trade Special Training Course" was officially opened.

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Warmly congratulate Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd. on the complete success of the 2023 annual conference


  On January 16, 2023, Chen Ruishi, General Manager of Yong'an Lianhuashan Natural Flavor Co., Ltd., successfully held the 2023 annual conference in the conference room of the company. Make an annual summary report with the theme of "Vigorous and resolute progress". Chen Ruishi, General Manager, summarized the development of the company in 2022 and expressed confidence and expectation on the company's strategy in the next year.

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