The scientific way to becoming slim

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The scientific way to becoming slim

Thelatestscientificwaytbecomingslimistosprinklesomecrystalsonyourdailymeals...thensitbackandwatchtheflabdisappear. Thecrystalsaresaidtoenhancetheflavorofthefoodsignificantlytherebyconningyouintothinki
The latest scientific way t becoming slim is to sprinkle some crystals on your daily meals ... then sit back and watch the flab disappear.
The crystals are said to enhance the flavor of the food significantly thereby conning you into thinking you have eaten more than you have. However, in scientific tests involving 1,400 people, obese participants who used the flavorless crystals "Sensa Tastant" lost an average of two stones in six months. Others lost an average of just two pounds.
Alan Hirsch, a neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, said aroma makes up between 75 and 90 percent of what we experience as food taste. He also says aromas act on an area of the brain which sends out signals that tell us when we are full.
"The scientific principle behind Sensa is remarkably simple," he said. "By enhancing smell, 'Sensa Tastant' was designed to trigger your 'I feel full' signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied."
The recipe for the crystals is not known but among its ingredients are maltodextrin - a carbohydrate made from corn starch, silica, tricalcium phosphate and soy and milk ingredients.