Yongan Fengfan 2020 new year group worship meeting successfully concluded

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Yongan Fengfan 2020 new year group worship meeting successfully concluded

On January 21, 2020, at the time of leaving the old and ushering in the new, the year-end summary of Yong'an Fengfan in 2019 and the Spring Festival reunion in 2020 were successfully held, and all the staff of Fengfan gathered together to enjoy the reunion.
First of all, in order to stimulate the work enthusiasm and work ability of the company's employees, the company carried out the election and voting activities for excellent employees in 2019. After the voting process, the four employees, Lu Yong, Huang Xiaoyun, Huang Yuchun and Xu Dong, won the first prize respectively. Then Chen Ruishi, the company's director and general manager, commended and rewarded the employees who won the company's annual excellent employees in 2019, and called on all employees to learn from them. Among the employees who have been praised this time, there are old employees who love their posts and are dedicated and selfless. There are also young people who are passionate and full of vitality. They are down-to-earth and conscientious. They interpret their infinite enthusiasm for work with practical actions. They realize their life value in ordinary posts and send out their own light and heat.
Then, Chen Ruguang, the company's production special assistant, organized all employees to study the company's performance assessment knowledge, focusing on the comprehensive interpretation and analysis of the performance content. And in the process of learning, it extends the solutions to the existing problems of each post.
The hard work and development of Fengfan people are inseparable from the hard work of every employee. Looking back on 2019, along the way, we have made progress through both wind and rain, cut through thorns, and trade sweat and tears for today's growth.
Chen Ruishi, the company's director and general manager, looked back on the overall operation of the company in 2019 and affirmed it, from "how to carry out standardized management", "always seek efficiency progress, always pay attention to methods and technology", "continuous learning is the ladder of progress, harmonious team is the cornerstone of development", "survive with quality, develop with quality, benefit from quality", etc On the one hand, we deeply analyzed the problems in our work at present, and publicized the performance deduction in 2019. Then put forward specific requirements for our work in 2020, and put forward specific guiding opinions for our work, and develop the directional deployment of the work. This year, with the cordial care of leaders at all levels of the company and the strong support of people from all walks of life, we have made extraordinary achievements. Hope that in the future, we can work harder to fight and struggle.
After the summing up meeting, the lively new year's garden activities kicked off in the company's playground. Colleagues gathered together to guess riddles, table tennis walking, water cup relay, etc. cheers and laughter came one after another. The fun activities pushed the atmosphere of the new year's reunion to the climax. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the warm, harmonious and joyful company atmosphere of Fengfan.