Network factory stores are on the rise! Consumers can buy goods directly in foreign trade factories

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Network factory stores are on the rise! Consumers can buy goods directly in foreign trade factories

(CCTV finance and economics "first time") now, there is a kind of online factory store that is very popular with consumers. Its feature is to export and sell products to foreign countries directly from the factory to the Internet. Are these foreign trade products cheap? How to choose?
Miss Wang, who works in Hangzhou, likes to buy daily necessities online. Recently, there are a lot of products in the online shop on some e-commerce platforms that make Miss Wang's eyes bright.
Miss Wang of Hangzhou: we have bought some toothbrushes and paper towels, including lipstick and eye shadow in cosmetics shop, including we bought Chinese clothes. At that time, we went to some offline stores, and the quality of almost the styles was basically similar, but the price would be much cheaper. I bought a set online for about 60 yuan, but offline, it might cost 300 yuan, 500 yuan, or even more.
The price is cheap, there are many choices, and it is not easy to buy many new and strange products in the past. This is Miss Wang's biggest impression of online factory stores.
This make-up manufacturer located in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, has been doing foreign trade business for many years, with an annual export volume of more than 20 million US dollars. Recently, the company decided to enter the domestic market after seeing the demand of the domestic cosmetics market soar.
Liu Chunrong, general manager of Zhejiang Ruili Technology Co., Ltd.: our color is adjusted according to the skin color of the domestic people, because the domestic people pay more attention to moisturizing, and then the foreign countries pay more attention to coloring. So now we have made appropriate adjustments according to the data of the domestic market. We basically sell about 10000 pieces a day, just this style.
The reporter learned that during the export process of foreign trade factories for many years, the quality of the whole product is relatively solid and controllable. Because the price of foreign trade orders is controlled by overseas customers and distributors, the profits of foreign trade factories are often very low. Now turning to the domestic market, on the one hand, it can provide consumers with more cost-effective products, on the other hand, the profits of foreign trade factories can also be improved.
Foreign trade factory custom production less inventory fast payment
In recent two years, more and more foreign trade enterprises have begun to develop the domestic market through the form of "network factory shop". During a visit to Zhejiang Province, where the foreign trade economy is active, many foreign trade factories said that the shift to domestic customized production has greatly reduced their inventory and the time for capital return is much faster than before.
A reporter from a factory in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, saw that large bags and small bags of socks had been packed all over the yard, and workers could only pack and seal the socks just produced in the crevice of the cartons. The head of the factory told reporters that in the past, all the socks produced by the factory were sold overseas, and the domestic orders received at present have been scheduled for next year.
Chen liuna, general manager of Zhejiang Zhuji Pinbo Knitting Co., Ltd., said she was still hesitant to transfer more foreign trade products to domestic sales. Wang Fei, who started out as an umbrella maker, has planned to completely shift from foreign trade to domestic trade. He told reporters that because the technical content of umbrella production is not high, price war is very common in foreign trade products, and the profit of exporting an umbrella is often less than 1 yuan.
The reporter learned that the key for Zhejiang's foreign trade enterprises to export to domestic sales lies in customized production. For the traditional foreign trade enterprises, the products they produced in the past were relatively single, and even several fixed products were produced in a quarter, which not only had a lot of pressure on goods and a low profit, but also the payment was often delayed again and again, and the return of funds was slow. Now thanks to the mature domestic trade e-commerce sales mode, the factory can completely customize production according to the needs of consumers.
Foreign trade factory to domestic sale "rabbit" eat well nest grass
In the era of economic globalization, "buy the world and sell the world" is no longer a slogan. All industries and factories have the right to choose the market, and the market competition is more open and transparent. In this process, the "rabbit" of the foreign trade factory should eat well the grass beside the nest.
In the interview, the heads of many foreign trade factories told reporters that the sales team of foreign trade factories is relatively weak, so it needs to pay a lot of operating costs whether to lay down offline sales channels or establish online e-commerce teams. This is also the reason why in the past, we were unwilling or dare not develop at home. In recent two years, the mature domestic e-commerce platform has launched the factory store mode, which connects consumers and both ends of the factory. In this mode, the platform is responsible for marketing and sales data analysis. Foreign trade factories can concentrate on production, which reduces costs and increases sales. And consumers in the purchase process, also naturally increased the understanding of foreign trade factory goods.
Experts believe that the transfer of foreign trade factories to domestic sales is not the performance of enterprises to avoid international market competition. On the contrary, the international competition in China's market is becoming increasingly fierce. The huge open market gives these Chinese foreign trade factories an opportunity to cultivate their internal skills and improve themselves.