Changes in foreign trade, what you have to know in November

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Changes in foreign trade, what you have to know in November

Since October 15, 2019, after the enterprise has handled the new record or change record of foreign trade operators, it can directly apply for the certificate of origin to the customs according to the relevant regulations on the management of the origin of import and export goods, without going to the Customs for the record of enterprises of origin.
Please note:
Enterprises that have applied for the certificate of origin before the implementation of "two certificates in one" on October 15, 2019 shall keep the application method and process unchanged.
Enterprises that have gone through the filing of foreign trade operators before the "integration of two certificates" but have not done the filing of enterprises of origin may apply for the certificate of origin with a unified social credit code;
The production enterprises that do not register for foreign trade operators may apply to the Customs for the record and apply for certificates through the "Internet + customs".
After the implementation of "two certificates in one", the 4th-12th digit of all kinds of certificates of origin issued by the customs will adjust the former "enterprise record number" to the 9th-17th digit of "unified social credit code" or "organization code" of the enterprise.
New regulations on patent examination shall come into force on November 1
In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of new technology, the State Intellectual Property Office has revised the patent examination guide. The patent examination is becoming more standard and rigorous, and the patent application cycle and the content of enterprises applying for high-tech enterprises have changed. The new regulations will come into effect on November 1, 2019.
As of November 1, 2019, the following must be provided in the manifest for goods exported to Indian ports. Be sure to provide in the Si information:
1. IEC, gstin, mailbox and pan. If the consignee is the local importer in India, IEC (import and export code), gstin (GST identification number) and mailbox shall be provided. If the consignee is an agent and cannot provide IEC code, pan (permanent account number) shall be provided.
If the informer is a local company in India, pan number shall also be provided.
A 6-digit HS code must be provided.
3. value of goods
When submitting Si information for each bill of lading, the value data must be filled in the remark column. Please fill in the specific amount according to the invoice in USD. If there are more than one kind of goods, please provide the total invoice value of all the goods.
From November 1, 2019, India's Ministry of finance, Ministry of Taxation and Customs Committee (CBIC) and customs will only accept the shipping cargo manifest and the manifest newly stipulated in SCMTR without any exception. For any violation on or after November 1, a fine of INR 50000 to INR 200000 (approximately USD 700-2800) will be imposed.
Official networking of certificate of origin electronic information in Singapore, China
According to the announcement of the General Administration of customs, since November 1, 2019, "China Singapore origin electronic information exchange system" has been officially put into operation.  The system will transmit the electronic data of certificate of origin under the free trade agreement between the government of the people's Republic of China and the government of the Republic of Singapore (hereinafter referred to as the "China Singapore Free Trade Agreement"), certificate of origin and certificate of flow issued by Singapore under the framework agreement of China ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the "China ASEAN Framework Agreement"), and Unprocessed proof of electronic data for transit in Singapore.
The consignor of export goods or its agent (hereinafter referred to as the exporter) shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Announcement No. 51 of 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement No. 51) of the General Administration of customs, fill in the "declaration form of the customs of the people's Republic of China for export goods" or the "record list of the customs of the people's Republic of China for outbound goods" (hereinafter referred to as the "export declaration form") in the "attached document column" Fill in "Y" in the column of "attached document code", fill in "11 certificate of origin number" or "02 certificate of origin number" in the column of "attached document number", and fill in the corresponding relationship between the declared commodity on the declaration form and the commodity on the certificate of origin in the "document correspondence table". If the electronic information of the certificate of origin does not exist in the system, or the exporter fails to fill in the information of the place of origin of the goods in accordance with the requirements of Announcement No. 51 when the goods are exported, or the export declaration form needs to be modified due to the change of the information of the certificate of origin after the goods are exported, the exporter shall apply to the Customs for handling the formalities of modifying the declaration form and supplementing the information of the place of origin. No matter import or export to Singapore, the certificate of origin number shall be declared at the port of entry. If it is not provided in time, the goods may not enjoy tariff preference or customs clearance may be blocked after arrival.