Customized Service in Future Factory

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Customized Service in Future Factory


The concept of manufacturing industry has become popular all over the worldSince 2015. Whether it is German Industry 4.0, American Industrial Internet or Made-in-China 2025, the main idea is to explore new manufacturing factories. Specifically, it combines the concepts of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. In the future, the manufacturing industry will completely get rid of the assembly line and release human hands to the maximum extent possible. Instead, large-scale automated robots can not only accept human input instructions, but also learn autonomously through the ubiquitous network. In the future, manufacturing factories, not only tangible products, but also should Including an endless stream of data resources, when productivity is highly developed, manufacturing factories can also follow the artistic line, that is to say, highly automated production lines are expected to become a beautiful landscape line. For example, people will buy tickets to visit the manufacturing process of the iPhone, just like watching an NBA game. There is no doubt that the future factory should be diversified.



Of course, the main theme of the factory should also focus on how to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, while meeting the diverse needs of consumers. For a long time, manufacturers do not have to face end-consumers. They only need to face brands like IPhone, Huawei and MI Phoneand consumers' needs are collected by brands. In my opinion, such a process is somewhat lengthy, leading to the situation of middlemen ubiquitous, making it difficult to reduce the price of some products. In future factories, such a process is expected to be radically changed, and consumers'private customization will be directly reflected in the plan of factories.



Private Customization, Future Factory Serves For End-Customers Only.Nowadays, China's manufacturing industry is better at producing large quantities of homogeneous products and building large production bases quickly. Based on this, the most subversive feature of future manufacturing is to accept "private customization". Depending on powerful data analysis system and mature 3D printing process, factories can directly accept end-user orders. In other words, consumers may have some fantastic ideas in their minds, but they are often limited by professional level that can not be accurately expressed, and the energy of designers is very limited, so many ideas are difficult to achieve. But in future factories, such ideas are no longer fantastic. The idea of human designers will naturally be transformed into data gradually accumulated. When consumers put forward their own ideas, AI will become "mediocre designers" who can provide design solutions based on the ideas of ordinary consumers. There is no doubt that the products designed by AI will be somewhat rigid, or lack of humanity because they are too perfect. But the biggest advantage is that AI can provide “customize services” for consumers. At that time, every consumer can have their “own designer”. Their ideas can be realized through rearrangement and composition based on big data.



Of course, in order to achieve high precision, high satisfaction and low cost private customization services, we also need to rely on the rapid progress of basic manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology and material technology to make great breakthroughs.

Only in this way can the personality ideas of consumers be quickly turned into reality. In the future, there will be no need for bustling people in the workshop for high costs. Artificial intelligence robots will completely replace human beings, and devices will gradually form “social networks” with each other. For example, when the ambient temperature does not meet the working requirements of robots, artificial intelligence robots can inform the air conditioning system through temperature sensor, or when an AI robot scans parts and components, it will automatically generates process to drive robotic arm to assemble according to instructions, because data collection, data processing and data calculation can be completed instantaneously just like the natural reaction of human beings. In addition, machines can also communicate very accurately, and they have no emotional flaws compared to humans.


Intelligent Management, Decentralized Manufacturing For The Future Factory. As mentioned above, factory automation will be widely popularized in the future, assembly line and workers in assembly line will disappear. If AI can directly accept orders from end-users, some order-processing personnel will disappear, and once a "social network" is formed between machines and devices, equipment maintenance and maintenance-related work will also disappear.In a word, the connection between manufacturing industry and human will be weakened to the greatest extent in the future. We only need to adopt intelligent management to maintain the operation of enterprises at all times. In contrast to industrial parks that run on hundreds of hectares, future manufacturing plants will be decentralized. When the interconnection of all things becomes a normality, the factories walled by physical partitions will disappear completely. Instead, the personalized factories based on cloud services will replace it. Just as cities used to need large supermarkets or large shopping malls, but now shops are becoming ubiquitous since the rise of online shopping.