Please Accept the Plan B of Vanilla Strategy

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Please Accept the Plan B of Vanilla Strategy

Vanilla flavour isoneofthemostpopulartasteintheworld,whichisusedfordairy,pastry,icecreamandotherproducts.Youcanimagethepicturethatyouaresurroundedbytheenvironmentwithsoftsunshinewhenyouareenjoyinganicecreamwithstrongvanillaflavour,don’tyoucomfortable?However,whetheryouknowthestrongflavourofmilkcomesfromwhichingredient?Now,wehaverepliedonthisflavourbecauseit’ssocharming.Sodoyouknowwhichchallengevanillaflavourhasfaced?    Inthebeginning,wearereadytoknowaboutwhichingredientthevanillaflavoursendsout.That’sright!Thisflavourcomesfromvanillinthatisoneofourflagshipproducts.Therefinementofvanilliniscurrentlydividedintothreetypes. Thefirstisextractedfromvanillabean.Thesecondistheuseofnaturalplantsthroughextractionorfermentationtoextractthesechemicalelementsinthesynthesis.Andthelastoneiscompletelydecomposedandsynthesizedbychemicalproducts.Asforthefirstmethodofextraction,thechairmanoftheFrenchbusinessmagazineSNPEpointedoutthatduetotheshortageofrawmaterials,therelevantenterprisesarefacedwithashortageofsupplyandhighprices.Datashowthatbetween2014and2017,thepriceofvanillabeanhasincreasedeightfold.OnDecember1,BFMbusinessmagazinepublishedaninformationchartshowingthatvanillabeanhasrisento$700perkilogram,risingto$90perkilograminearly2014.ThewebsiteoftheFrenchtransportcompanyvanillaworldcostsbetween$550and$600perkilogram.  Facedwithsoaringvanillapricesandashortageofsupply,mostdownstreamindustrypractitioners,suchascolddrinks,pastrymakersandeverydaycosmeticsfactories,arerethinkingothercrafttypesofvanillaaddedproducts.ThePresidentofthenationalprocessingassociation,SNPENFrance,explained thatgiventhecurrentprice,someprofessionalshavetogiveupusingequineextractbecausethepriceissimplynotaffordable. Areyouconsideringreplacingnaturalvanillinwithanotherprocessforcost?  Next,lookatplanB.Infact,ourcompany'sproductscansatisfyyoucompletely.Ourproductsarerefinedfromthe4-methylguaiacolprocess.Weusethetreerootsofpineandfirtreestoextracttherawmaterials,sowebelongtothenaturallevelinthecomposition.Intermsofproduction,theproductscannotonlyreplacethesweetsmellofvanillabean,butalsoprovideyouwithstableandcontinuoussupply.Thestabilityofproductionmaterialscanalsoensurethestabilityofoursupplycost,whichcansaveyouworry,troubleandcost.Thisproduct,whichhasbeenexportingfortenyears,hasbeenwidelyrecognizedbycustomersinthemarket.Atpresent,thelargestfragrancecompanyintheworldisourpartner.SoIamsurethatwecanestablishareliableandstablecooperation,andwecanalsoensureyourdemandandprovideyouwithaproductwithhighinternationalqualitystandards.

Vanilla flavour is one of the most popular taste in the world, which is used for dairy, pastry, ice cream and other products. You can image the picture that you are surrounded by the environment with soft sunshine when you are enjoying an ice cream with strong vanilla flavour, dont you comfortable? However, whether you know the strong flavour of milk comes from which ingredient? Now, we have replied on this flavour because its so charming. So do you know which challenge vanilla flavour has faced?



  In the beginning, we are ready to know about which ingredient the vanilla flavour sends out. Thats right ! This flavour comes from vanillin that is one of our flagship products.

The refinement of vanillin is currently divided into three types. The first is extracted from vanilla bean. The second is the use of natural plants through extraction or fermentation to extract these chemical elements in the synthesis. And the last one is completely decomposed and synthesized by chemical products. As for the first method of extraction, the chairman of the French business magazine SNPE pointed out that due to the shortage of raw materials, the relevant enterprises are faced with a shortage of supply and high prices. Data show that between 2014 and 2017, the price of vanilla bean has increased eight fold. On December 1, BFM business magazine published an information chart showing that vanilla bean has risen to $700 per kilogram, rising to $90 per kilogram in early 2014. The website of the French transport company vanilla world costs between $550 and $600 per kilogram.



Faced with soaring vanilla prices and a shortage of supply, most downstream industry practitioners, such as cold drinks, pastry makers and everyday cosmetics factories, are rethinking other craft types of vanilla added products. The President of the national processing association, SNPEN France, explained that given the current price, some professionals have to give up using equine extract because the price is simply not affordable.


Are you considering replacing natural vanillin with another process for cost?



Next, look at plan B. In fact, our company's products can satisfy you completely. Our products are refined from the 4-methyl guaiacol process. We use the tree roots of pine and fir trees to extract the raw materials, so we belong to the natural level in the composition. In terms of production, the products can not only replace the sweet smell of vanilla bean, but also provide you with stable and continuous supply. The stability of production materials can also ensure the stability of our supply cost, which can save you worry, trouble and cost. This product, which has been exporting for ten years, has been widely recognized by customers in the market. At present, the largest fragrance company in the world is our partner. So I am sure that we can establish a reliable and stable cooperation, and we can also ensure your demand and provide you with a product with high international quality standards.