Looking for: The secret of product 20 years constant

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Looking for: The secret of product 20 years constant

Twentyyears,bythedefinitionofhumangrowth,isonlythebeginningofadulthood. Ifaenterprisehasbeengrowingfor20years,itisonlyjustmaturing. Ifaproducthasbeenproducedfor20yearswiththesamequality,itwillberegard

Twenty years, by the definition of human growth, is only the beginning of adulthood. If a enterprise has been growing for 20 years, it is only just maturing. If a product has been produced for 20 years with the same quality, it will be regarded as a classic by the market. Today I'll take you through our main product, creosote, which we haven't changed for 20 years. Come on! Take a look at its secret process.



Our products come from deep in the mountains, which leads to the fact that our products must be integrated with mountain elements. How many natural genes are in the blood of a product that has been tangled with trees for 20 years? Today I'm going to tell you the whole process of our production.

The material is extracted by dry distillation from the branches of beech, cypress and pine trees. In the process of screening these woods, we need to cut and slice them according to the data analysis of wood impurities, and then conduct natural drying for these raw materials. The dried wood must ensure that the moisture content is less than 15%.After drying wood is more important link - extraction. In the past 20 years, our dry distillation process has been continuously upgraded, which finally enables our extraction process to have better temperature control and stronger collection capacity. The ultimate goal of these technological improvements is to continuously improve the mixing ratio of natural phenols and light oils in the wood, making the products more cost-effective.



In the following process, according to the volatile characteristics of each group of substances in the mixture, multistage contact will be conducted through the reflux of liquid and gas phases, so as to separate the most primary form of creosinate from our products. Then we will bring the raw materials of these initial forms into a purification system designed and developed by ourselves, and purify the products using temperature regulation and production data accumulated over the years. Finally, we will perform physical gasification and condensation operations based on the purified mixture.



 Since creosote is used in different fields, we will also make appropriate allocation in the finished products according to the requirements of customers and the standard of JP16, and finally launch the natural and safe oil-like products.



It is such a product that we have been adhering to for 20 years. Every drop of its finished product is integrated with natural genes and our painstaking efforts for natural extraction. It demonstrates our determination to provide a high quality and safe supply of natural phenols to the world, which is also the spirit of artisans of many enterprises aiming at 100 years of excellence.