In the 5G era, how will the cloud disk business affect operators?

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In the 5G era, how will the cloud disk business affect operators?

Judging 1: 5G cloud disk is a key business that can take advantage of operators As the core of the 5G industry chain, operators have released 5G cooperation conferences in April, marking the beginning

Judging 1: 5G cloud disk is a key business that can take advantage of operators

As the core of the 5G industry chain, operators have released 5G cooperation conferences in April, marking the beginning of China's “5” era. Following the launch of China Unicom's 5G brand in Shanghai on April 23, China Telecom held the China Telecom 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference in Shenzhen on April 26th. The author noticed that Tianyi Cloud Disk is one of the 5G+ cloud innovation services displayed by China Telecom.

We know that 5G is different from 4G and has the characteristics of “two highs and one low”, namely high bandwidth (eMBB), high density (mMTC), and low latency (uRLLC),for operators, it is a subject worth to explore which doing business to match the new capabilities of 5G to take advantage of operators.As one of the telecom 5G+ cloud innovation businesses, Tianyi Cloud Disk embodies “pragmatism”First, Tianyi Cloud Disk is an influential cloud disk product in the operators’ system.Second, the cloud disk business itself provides a service product with the underlying infrastructure features for 5G users, and integrates with 5G capabilities to create potential energy accelerated from the underlying logical corners.The third is to have a weight on the operator's value operation, which helps to increase the value of the bandwidth.


Judging 2: 5G will create a cloud disk as a model for operators' ultimate experience

The high bandwidth capability of 5G will make the cloud disk a model for creating the ultimate experience business.

The change brought by 5G is a qualitative change, which I call "decoupling alternative"That is, the wired network migrates to the wireless network on a large scale, and the wired interface is decoupled by the wireless network.

It is easy to understand what is called to “decoupling alternative” with two example.The emergence of the cloud disk replaces the USB interface, allowing storage to migrate from personal mobile hard disk and USB disk to cloud disk; real-time control requirements of industrial field control will be decoupled by 5G uRLLC, and a large number of field control functions will be applied to edge computing And cloud service migration.

This kind of substitution will create an opportunity for operators to create the ultimate experience products and form a model product. Taking China Telecom's Tianyi cloud disk 5G speed version as an example, we can make a detailed observation.

Tianyi Cloud Disk 5G Extreme Edition features four major differentiation functions: speed transmission, secure storage, intelligent service, and open capability. I believe that it will accelerate the “decoupling alternative” in the user pain scene,interpret as follows:

First, the "big file second transmission" capability brought by the ultra-fast transmission will stimulate the distribution and sharing of high-definition video content, eliminating the user's "convenient sharing" pain point.We know that there are more and more terminals with 4K camera and display screen. In the 5G experimental environment, Tianyi cloud disk uploads 2G HD movies, the whole process takes only 1 second. This large file transmission will make the user feel at any time. Sharing and accessing 4K, 8K and even 16K videos in the future is possible.Second, the "high-definition bandwidth" capability brought by the ultra-fast transmission will promote the video playback to switch between the large screen and the small screen, eliminating the user's painful point of "convenient access" to the content.4K and 8K high-definition large-screen TV and mobile phones have become mainstream terminals, becoming the production and playback equipment for high-definition content in the UGC field, which will enable people to turn their eyes from PCs to mobile phones and TV screens.The third is the intelligent computing power of the cloud brought by smart services, which eliminates the user's pain point of “smart processing” of content. In the 5G speed version, Tianyi Cloud Disk provides intelligent computing services such as image intelligence analysis and security monitoring. In view of the fact that cloud computing will no longer be limited to network speed in 5G environment, intelligent computing power will migrate to the cloud, which will reduce the terminal. Requirements to provide users with smarter content management services.The fourth is the open cooperation model, which will promote the cloud disk to become the storage and computing infrastructure of 5G individuals and homes, and eliminate the pain points of users in “big sharing” (cross-screen, cross-device, cross-person).Through open cooperation, tianyi cloud disk 5G extreme speed edition supports smart device storage, home audio-visual content sharing and cross-screen sharing, and connects individuals and families, mobile phones and smart hardware, large screen and small screen, thus becoming the computing storage infrastructure for individuals and families in the era of 5G.

The 5G slightly waved the wings of the butterfly, and the operator's cloud disk took a small step in its function, which may cause a storm of cloud disk pattern changes.Ai  Rus’s research report shows that the growth of individual cloud disk users in China is driven by the implementation of China's broadband strategy and the large-scale popularization of 4G network, and the result of the "efficient upload, download and management of data brought by cloud disk and the continuous optimization of user experience".

The cloud disk of the 5G era will enable individual users to access data in a new state of universal service - "any time, anywhere, any device."This free state will have a structural impact on the two scenarios:

The first is the social scene, att present, short videos such as WeChat, Weibo, and Vibrato will be socialized, the content will tend to be high-definition, and the duration will increase from seconds to minutes.

The second is the family scene,take the family album function of Tianyi Cloud Disk as an example,with the theme of love and affection, the family data center will be migrated to the cloud, and photos scattered among family members and multiple devices will be gathered into the cloud.Previously, users have been able to achieve real-time monitoring, remote control, two-way voice and other services by adding Tianyi housekeeping smart camera, and opened up home security scenes.In summary, we can infer that around the user: convenient, intelligent, sharing ,these three major pain points, more imagined in 3G, longer than 4G supply, will become 5G.I believe that understanding the changes in the user experience changes to the industry, and "decoupling substitution" is an explanatory perspective and theory.Ai Rui research’s report also believes that “the increase in data generated by smart devices in the home scene will allow the downstream of the industry to extend further from individual users to home users”.

Judging 3:5G era cloud disk will be the operator's value business strategy basic business

Let’s throw a point.,in the 5G era, the cloud disk business in the carrier system will affect the operator’s value management.In the 5G era, one of the biggest challenges for the operators is enhance the user and value management capabilities.The author has suggested that there are three basic business models in the 5G era: bandwidth-based business models, slice-based business models, and platform-based business models.Among the bandwidth-based business models, storage and computing are the basic elements of two other bandwidth-based business models beyond bandwidth.

The cloud disk business is a good business that completely includes these three basic elements from the business structure. It has a very high strategic value for operators to carry out traffic-based business model innovation. The cloud disk service is a kind of data storage. The foundation, through the integration of computing and ecology, appears in the form of individual and home infrastructure. The operator cloud disk represented by Tianyi cloud disk may provide a core kinetic energy for the operator's 5G strategy.We can understand from three perspectives

First, the decoupling alternative of 5G makes the localized and scattered terminal data migrate to the cloud. The cloud disk product has the status of a personal data infrastructure in the 5G era. For operators, this infrastructure has Operational value with natural pipeline integration strategic value.

Second, the source of value growth, cloud computing synergy, computing power and large bandwidth integration, will promote the innovation of users willing to pay for the application, bringing new opportunities for operators' user value operation.

Third, the cloud data products of massive data have become the bridge between the operators and users of the carrier and the commercial value. They have a certain platform, integrate the power processing services of content processing and distribution capabilities, and build 5G ecosystem for operators, especially Opening up the ecological aspects of personal and family scenarios has some basic platform meaning, although the cloud disk is not a strictly meaningful platform.

Undoubtedly, the larger the bandwidth, the more devices, the more data, the more and more data generation and processing per capita, and the higher the security requirements. In the 5G era, redefining products and innovating in 5G functions. Repositioning your basic value is an opportunity for the operator's cloud disk, and a good opportunity for operators to innovate users and value management capabilities.