Main revenue of fuzhou software industry occupies "half of fujian province"

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Main revenue of fuzhou software industry occupies "half of fujian province"

The main business income was 136 billion yuan, an increase of 16.2%, accounting for 47% of the province... Last year, the city's software and information technology service industry handed over the "t

The main business income was 136 billion yuan, an increase of 16.2%, accounting for 47% of the province... Last year, the city's software and information technology service industry handed over the "transcripts".Taking advantage of the approval of the “China Software Featured City”, the city strengthened its organizational leadership, accurately formulated policies, strengthened project investment, and accelerated the construction of the park. Nowadays, a large number of software and information technology service industry platforms and supporting facilities have mushroomed and expanded, promoting the development of software and information technology service industry in an all-round way, providing strong support for the implementation of high-quality development in the city.

Industrial agglomeration development sprints "100 billion parks"

On the coast of Wufeng Mountain and Lijiang River, there is a modern software park full of vitality and vitality. This is the Fuzhou Software Park which won the title of “China's Most Dynamic Software Park in 2018”.After 20 years of development, there are 618 enterprises in the entrepreneurial hotspot with a planned area of 2 square kilometers, including 36 listed companies and 58 enterprises with output value exceeding 100 million yuan. Fujian Zhongke Guangxin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., located in Zone E of Fuzhou Software Park, successfully produced the first “China Core” in China's optical communications industry.It is understood that there are only five companies in the world that can mass produce large-scale active optical chips. Zhongke Optical Core is the only one in China, with complete epitaxial growth, chip technology and automatic packaging and testing aging production line. Since its establishment in Fuzhou Software Park in 2011, Zhongke Guangxin has gradually become a leader in the industry from a start-up company. “Fuzhou Software Park is a blessing for our business.” Su Hui, chairman of Zhongke Guangxin, said that government departments and parks often provide on-site services so that they can develop with peace of mind.


The development environment has been continuously optimized, and the policy dividends have been continuously released, attracting a gathering of phoenixes. A number of high-tech enterprises such as Xindong.com, Vertex and Ruixinwei have also taken root in the Fuzhou Software Park and thrived. At present, the park has gradually formed five industrial clusters such as industry application software, Internet services, big data, IC design and intelligent control, and cultural creativity. Many enterprises are among the best in the national industry segment. According to Chen Hui, director of Fuzhou Software Park Management Committee, Fuzhou Software Park achieved a total output value of 81 billion yuan last year, an increase of 25%. The software and information business revenue generated by the park accounted for nearly 40% of the province's total, and became the development of the software industry in the province. Faucet and important engine.

"The 2nd Digital China Construction Summit is coming. We will do a good job in the docking work of the Digital Fujian Forum. At the same time, we will jointly prepare professional competitions for the competition results, improve the conversion rate of the results of the competition, and help the Fuzhou Software Park to sprint the '100 Million Park. 'Target.' Chen Hui said.

One Park and Multiple Districts" Accelerate the Formation of Digital Economy

During the first Digital China Construction Summit, Fuzhou was awarded the title of “China's Software Famous City” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The municipal party committee and the municipal government took the software industry as the main direction and proposed to learn from the advanced cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou to realize the “one park and multiple districts” development model. To expand the space carrier for the development of the software industry in our city. Since the start of the construction of the “One Park and Multiple Districts”, the city and county have established an effective working mechanism, formulated a number of policy measures, accelerated the construction of the park infrastructure and public service platforms, and effectively promoted the promotion and promotion of investment promotion. At present, the six sub-parks of Gaoxin District Park, Lianjiang Branch Park, Minhou Branch Park, Jinan Branch Park, Cangshan Branch Park and Yongtai Branch Park have all been unveiled.

Inviting investment, fast-paced. The Cangshan District Government and China Xintong Institute, China Mobile, Huawei and other companies jointly held the “Cloud VR Integration Innovation Industry Ecology Summit” to promote industrial cross-border integration and innovation and project landing; Yongtai County held the “Digital Yongtai, Smart Industry” Investment Fair The leaders of the county party committee and the county government led the team to participate in one-on-one road talks with the participating enterprises to promote the construction of the software branch park...



Since last year, each software branch has introduced 134 software and information projects such as Dahua Intelligent Headquarters, Etu Technology, Byte Beat, Counting Technology Headquarters, Shenzhen Zhongying Times, etc., with a total investment of more than 33.5 billion yuan, further promoting the city. Accelerate development in industrial areas such as digital content and artificial intelligence.

Policy dividends have gradually released the ability to release public services

Around the promotion of the development of the software industry, the city continues to release policy dividends. At the end of last year, the city formulated the "Five Measures for Promoting the Development of Software and Information Technology Service Industry", and promoted the software industry from five aspects: supporting enterprises to become bigger and stronger, promoting enterprise innovation and development, encouraging enterprises to expand markets, and creating an industrial development environment. Develop and cultivate a group of software and information technology service enterprises with international and domestic influence. At the same time, the digital industry fund building was built to effectively alleviate the problem of financing difficulties for software companies. The advanced practices were written into the provincial government documents for promotion; the Beijing Soft Exchange Fujian Work Center was established to help software companies and parks to solve financing and procurement. Four major problems in the market and investment promotion; Huawei software development cloud operations for more than a year, serving nearly a thousand local enterprises on the cloud......
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that the Fuzhou Software Park will be guided to play the role of the core park, and will pass on the treasures to each branch. Fuzhou Software Park can consider packaging its public service platform for paid output, creating a “cloud software park”, building a cloud shared service platform in Fuzhou Software Park, stimulating the enthusiasm of all parties, and jointly promoting the construction of service platforms for software branches. At the same time, we will strive to build an industrial Internet platform, expand the "smart +" application, realize the deep integration of the new generation of network information technology, software technology and advanced manufacturing, further enhance the scale and quality of the city's software industry, and also empower the industrial transformation and upgrading.