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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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Talent strategy
Talent is strategic resources for the existence and development of enterprise, Caogenlan always adheres to a talent idea known as "putting people first" , build out” respect, understand, faith, friendly” atmosphere actively, respect for knowledge and talent. Establish a sound mechanism of multi-channel selection of personnel, offer the growth platform for talent. Help talent support for enterprises to develop continuously. Realize enterprise and talent grow up together.
Talent team
Regard quality, ability and performance as guide, focus on the construction of three teams: build high-quality administrator team, professional and technical personnel team and reserve team.
Talent training
Educate is the basis of employment. According to characteristic in different kinds and levels, continue to perfect talent cultivation mechanism. Combine organically theoretical with practical, domestical training and overseas training, short-term training and vocational education. Establish comprehensive and open-ended talent training system. Establish new talent training pattern accord with group enterprise environment gradually.

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